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The ReBuilder Waterbath Kit

Please note:  The water bath is no longer included with the Kit.  However, we feel it is still a GREAT way to apply the ReBuilder signal.   This is why we included a FREE pair of black rubber water pads for your ReBuilder.




We HIGHLY recommend getting your own SPLIT footbath (must be 2 separate sides).  It does not need to be large.  Just large enough to hold 2-3 inches of warm water.  You can sometimes find these in Pharmacies, medical supply stores, even hardware stores like Walmart, Home Depot, ACE Hardware, etc....(used as tool carriers or for cleaning supplies.)   

We found buckets here for about $10  www.summitdistribution.com




You could even "make" your own footbath system simply by using 2 large tupper ware bins that are large enough for your feet and 2-3 inches of warm water. 


NOTE:  If you DO choose the waterbath method, it is recommended to use the Electrolyte Solution.  It's not absolutely required, but does enhance signal quality.

8 oz bottle lasts approximately 2 months with twice daily use.

You can buy electrolyte solution from us when you purchase your ReBuilder, or even use a tiny pinch of epsom salts instead.  (helps with conductivity.) Plain water will also work. 



Footbath instructions are here.  It is easy to use.


If you have any questions, let us know.












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