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Advanced Bio Magnet Therapy Kit

29 Years of Bio-Magnetic Research in Advanced Placement Protocols & Circuit Therapy for...

 Pain Relief
 Chronic Illness
 Acute Injuries
 Increased Vitality
 Nerve Regeneration Increased Immunity Tissue Regeneration Joint Regeneration
Bio Magnet Therapy Protocols for over 170 conditions without side effects.


 Advanced Bio Magnet Therapy Kit

The Advanced Magnet Therapy Kit has helped people all over the world to overcome serious health conditions and maintain good health. It is a complete package of all three sizes of our Rare Earth BioMagnets so that all the advanced therapies developed by The Foundation for Magnetic Science can be employed by anyone.

The Advanced Magnet Therpay Kit has everything: 14 bio-magnets, an award winning instruction book, pictorial instructions on all the advanced circuit therapies, water jar energizers to properly energize water to increase your body?s Zeta potential - the energy responsible for good health and an excellent activated oxygen product that has shown to support energy and metabolism so important in wellness.

The Advanced Magnet Therapy Kit was developed as the most advanced and comprehensive energy medicine system available to:

magnet Immediately Increase the Body's Immune Functions
magnet Regenerate Nerves, Connective Tissue, Joints & Broken Bones
magnet Support resolution of acute, Chronic & Serious Illnes
magnet Relieve Acute Pain, Joint pain, Back Pain, Back Trauma
magnet Eliminate Fybromyalgia and Chronic Fatique Syndrome
magnet Relieve Migraines, Headaches, Toothaches
magnet Heal Stings, Bites, Burns
magnet Eliminate Artritis, Joint Pain
magnet Stimulate Detoxification
magnet Reverses Free Radical activity
magnet Wellness, Longevity & Health
magnet Improves Circulation & Cellular Vitality
magnet Revitalizes your Metabolism
magnet Immediate Energy Increase


Magnet Therapy Kit Includes:


6 Power Wafers for Sternum or CVS Therapy and Pain Relief.


4 Regular BioMagnets for Meridian Energizing, Circuit Therapy.


2 Super BioMagnets for Deep Tissue Therapy & Serious Illness


Self Grip Ace-Type Bandage for applications


2 Water Jar Energizers for home and travel


BAO - BiomagScience™ Activated Oxygen


Award-winning therapy book Conquering Pain The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism


Full Pictorial Advanced Therapy Guide


The Advanced Bio-Magnet Therapy Kit Includes:

Certified Power Wafers
For general magnet therapy: size of a dime, lightweight, very powerful and easy to apply. Excellent for all areas of pain such as headaches, toothaches, foot therapy, any localized injury. Daytime, CVS placement (back of neck) and Night time and Overnight Meridian Energy therapies. Is generally used as a 2-Stack by placing on both sides of a band aid or by attaching one inside clothing and one outside of the clothing over the location. The 2-Stack has a deep penetrating energy.

* +2000 True Surface Gauss, 12,800 core gauss each.


Certified Regular Biomagnets
Used for daily Meridian Energizing, advanced therapies and/or chronic illness. each Regular BioMagnet is Nickel-sized and 1/4th inch thick.


Certified Super Biomagnets
Our most powerful BioMagnet and the most powerful Super BioMagnet available in the marketplace. Important for very deep tissue therapy, large bone, joint circuit therapy and chronic deep seated illnesses. Each Super Biomagnet is approximately the size of a quarter and a half an inch thick.

3150 True Surface Gauss, 12,800 core gauss each.


Certified Water Jar Energizer Magnets
Third party research indicates that magnetized water helps to support the body to:

  • Prevent Toxin and Chemical Build-up in the Body

  • Decrease Sodium Levels

  • Prevent Premature Aging

  • Reduce Free Radicals

  • Reduce Acidosis

  • Improve Kidney and Memory Functions

  • Slow down Alzheimer?s




In his book, "Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing With Biomagnetism", Peter Kulish devotes a chapter to explaining the benefits of magnetized water such as increasing your hydrogen values for increased health. Simply attach to the outside of a water container and within minutes you will have delicious magnetized water. A practical, inexpensive way of creating negatively charged water.


BiomagScience Activated Oxygen
Bottle: 2 fluid ounces provide a one to two month supply of Activated Oxygen. One of the safest, most available forms of oxygen in liquid form for use in drinking water; oxygen is the most essential ingredient of the body and is utilized in therapies for maintenance of health and vitality or illness. Activated Oxygen has shown to be highly supportive in overcoming colds and viruses. Activated Oxygen is used in many of BiomagScience?s health protocols.


"Conquering Pain The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism"
Award winning magnet therapy book with indexed therapies for pain and more than 170 acute, chronic and very basic health problems. Backed by several decades of research, design and scientific development throughout the world. Shows the body?s polarities, how to apply specialized circuit therapies, nerve, tissue and bone regeneration and the what, how, and why BioMagnetism is one of the most important energy medicines of our contemporary time.


Over 200 Pages Worth Healthful Information!

  • UNDERSTAND which poles are used and why! (very important!!)

  • LEARN the proper scientific PLACEMENT for Biomagnetic usage.

  • KNOW why using bi-polar or positive Biomagnets could be playing with fire.

  • LEARN the importance of magnetized WATER.

  • LEARN and use special techniques for energizing the body so that it will heal itself more rapidly.

With two decades of clinical research experience, Mr. Kulish is literally leading the way in the filed of magnet therapy. His scientific studies are recognized worldwide by hospitals and universities for the therapy of pain and serious medical conditions.

"Proper use of Biomagnets can often help when medicines are not very effective. This Book offers a variety of the proper applications of Biomagnets for many different medical conditions.?
Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D.,J.D

?If you are one of the millions of people who experience chronic pain due to injury or poor health, this book will guide you to the pain relief you seek without the side effects of dangerous drugs.?
- J.W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Institute


The Advanced Magnet Therapy Kit Includes All of the Following Kits in ONE Great Package!

Advanced Organ Group Energizing Magnet Therapy Kit


Chronic Illness
 Extreme Illness
 Multiple Sclerosis
 Organ / System Failure
 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 Magnet Therapy for:

  • To stimulate brain activity
  • To stimulate organ/gland activity
  • To stimulate metabolic functions
  • Increase vitality

Regeneration of:

  • Glands
  • Organs
  • Nerves
  • Tissue
Carpel Tunnel / Tendonitis

  Wrists   Hands

Magnet Therapy for:

 Pain Relief
 Carpel Tunnel
 No Feeling
 Tennis Elbow

Regeneration of


Advanced Shoulder Circuit

  Shoulder   Rotator Cup

 Magnet Therapy for:

 Pain Relief
 Radial motion



Rotator cup


Advanced Elbow Circuit

  Elbow   Arm

 Magnet Therapy for:

Pain Relief
Acute Tennis Elbow

Regeneration of


Advanced Back Circuit

  Lower back   Sciatica

 Magnet Therapy for:

 Pain Relief
 Back pain


Herniated discs

Regeneration of

     Vertebrae    Cartilage     Nerves

Advance Knee Circuit


Therapy for:

Pain Relief
Knee Injuries

Regeneration of


Advanced Whiplash Circuit

  Neck Injuries

Therapy for

Pain Relief

Providing comfort

Regeneration of

Bone        Tendons        Cartilage        Nerves

Magnetized Structured Water

magnet  Improved Nutrient Absorption
magnet  Improved Immune Functions 
magnet  Smoothes Wrinkles
magnet  Increased Energy
magnet  Alkalizing Effect






More about structured water


 BiomagScience Activated Oxygen is a non-toxic, aqueous solution of various oxides of chlorites with a high concentration of oxygen in molecular form.

Activated Oxygen is a safe method ?- drops are added to water - of elevating the body's oxygen levels. Activated Oxygen is safe; it cannot over-oxidize the cells because the iron atoms in the red blood cells (oxygen-carriers) only release the amount of oxygen the cells can utilize.

Oxygen plays a crucial role in the 21st century where pollution and stress sabotage our health. Activated Oxygen addresses the needs of the body and helps ensure vitality, increased mental alertness, resistance to flu and many other health conditions. BAO can also purify and preserve stored drinking water for years.


Will Biomagnets really work for you?

- by Peter A. Kulish      Director - The Foundation for Magnetic Science

All of our BioMagnetic applications used throughout the world have shown excellent, rapid results.

Simply, when used correctly, magnetic fields have shown to elevate the cell's vitality and as a response, the body moves in a very progressive, positive trend toward health.

Besides the normal day-to-day aches and pains or such issues as carpel tunnel, we have had wonderful findings on helping individuals such as a 25-year term of chronic illness suddenly progressing toward health after only a 60 minute therapy. (see blood and BIA tests)

Another example is an individual with a cirrhotic liver who could not even sit up. After one day of advanced therapy, he was up and around as if he was never sick.

Another great example is the fellow who crushed both of his legs (see testimonial "Crushed legs") a few inches below his knees in a car crash. That was at the end of October. With the use of our Super BioMagnets, he was able to heal completely pain-free (drug-free) and by X-Ray testing, was totally healed and walking by the middle of January. In this type of case, the subject wasn't expected to walk till August. Of course, he used the Advanced Protocols to ensure the correct energy supplementation.

While these examples may not be typical, they do show what results some people have experienced with the proper placement of BioMagnets.

"This science scales both ends of the health spectrum - from the aches and sprains to instantly increasing the Zeta potential of the cellular tissue which supports rapid healing of many serious health conditions."

Are there any scientific facts that show it helps the body heal?

There are consistent findings from various scientific institutions, practitioners, Pub Med and Medline that indicate this energy supplementation works. When looking at the various tests, testimonials and case reports [on this site], it indicates that it has almost amazing results when applied properly.

One may look on our site under clinical research. These tests show how the magnetic energy has increased the Zeta potential (see BIA tests) which has led to the body's progressive healing. Most people do not know what the Zeta potential is. The Zeta potential is the Negative charged energy that is important for cellular transfer, neutralization of free-radicals and reduced swelling. High Zeta potential indicates health and metabolic efficiency - low Zeta potential indicates poor health.

Is there a special way the biomagnets should be placed?

This is the most important aspect of this science. When one hurts oneself, the site goes into a positive state and a signal is sent to the brain which in turn sends healing negative energy to the site. So we know that it is the negative energy which heals. What we have learned is that the body progresses toward rapid healing with a properly designed and properly placed negative field biomagnet.

It is important to note that on the limbs, shoulders and hips, it is required to know the proper BioMagnetic placement as one side of each limb is positive and the other side is negative. Although this is known physiology - it has been carefully evaluated and confirmed by voltage testing with a SQUID - a Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device - a million dollar voltmeter which can measure millionths of a volt.

Since our therapies are used to amplify the normal healing charge by using DC (direct current) magnetic fields, it is important to apply the negative side of the magnet to the negative side of the limb. Many people have remarked that it is painful using the negative pole on the positive side of the limb. Just like the DC battery in your car - if the jumper cables are put on wrong poles, it sparks the electricity - in the body, magnetism also short circuits the energy pathways of the body if incorrectly applied. But when used properly, many individuals express rapid healing often with almost instant pain relief.


What is the Foundation for Magnetic Science?

It is a non-for-profit science group devoted to researching and developing the proper electromotive therapies for all health conditions. Since recognizing, creating, and integrating advanced therapies to stimulate the correct energy pathways of the body, our Advanced Protocols have brought together a growing group of practitioners in various fields who have joined with us in our quest in developing the best supplementation and energy therapies to help the human condition.


Peter Kulish, Founder
Foundation for Magnetic Science


See more here: "Bio Cellular Electrical Analysis with BIA Testing"


What Users Say...

"After Meridian Energizing Therapy my son's severe asthma went away." Albert S .

"My nine-year-old son was an epileptic with grand mal seizures. Since using BiomagScience BioMagnets he has never had another seizure."  E.L.M.T.

"After using BiomagScience BioMagnets I canceled my hip replacement surgery and within one month, I was swimming more than a mile a day!" Jenny H.

"I had Coronary Thrombosis but couldn't afford the operation. After using the BiomagScience BioMagnets for six months my heart was healed. I had two astonished practitioners confirm this. Now I walk long distances without a cane. Amazingly, the BioMagnets also got rid of my arthritis." Arthur .A.

" I had chronic daily pain in my right foot ankle (both nerve and tissue pain) due a motorcycle accident that nearly took my foot off.  Some days I couldn't walk.  Shortly after I started the magnets, the daily pain subsided immensely. I still need them when I have bad days. They are the only thing besides painkillers that work for me to control the pain."  Chad K. 


Our Favorite Magnet Therapy Products

Ok, now you know!  Magnet therapy is a measurably effective way to combat illness and promote optimal health. This is why so many companies are starting to offer magnet related products for the home, the body, and more.  Below we've presented a few products that we use in our daily lives.  We believe every home can benefit from magnetic field therapies.


 Advanced Magnet Therapy Kit

Certified by Foundation for Magnetic Science

  • LEARN the proper scientific placement for Bio-magnetic usage.

  • UNDERSTAND which poles are used and why.

  • KNOW why using bi-polar or positive Bio-magnets could be playing with fire.

  • LEARN the importance of magnetized water.

  • LEARN and use special techniques for energizing the body so that it will heal itself more rapidly.

Everyday, people throughout the world are successfully using magnetic therapy to eliminate chronic back pain, headaches, toothaches, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other painful and/or chronic maladies.

Over 200 Pages Worth Healthful Information!


The Vitalizer Plus

Structure, Oxygenate, Magnetize, & Energize Your Own Water! This AMAZING water will Re-Vitalize you!

  •  Powerful 110v motor

  •  Enhanced far-infrared ceramics

  •  4,400 gauss magnets

  •  Enhanced mineral basket for better Oxidative-Reductive Potential (ORP)

  •  9,18, and 27 minute timer

  •  2 liter container

  •  Modern attractive design

  • 5 Year Warranty


Do you or a loved one suffer from peripheral neuropathy?

The road to recovery STARTS with the ReBuilder!
Aggressive Neuro-stimulus:  The ReBuilder

This amazing device is the closest thing to a cure you can find. The ReBuilder’s patented electrical signal device has been proven 94% effective in clinical studies in reducing painful symptoms of neuropathy.

FDA Approved  ♦  Covered by Most Plans with a Prescription 



Are You Suffering?


Did You Know?

20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy!

30% of cases, the cause is diabetes!
60-70% of diabetics have some nervous system damage in the U.S.
The annual medical expenses for diabetic neuropathy symptoms in the U.S. are as high as $13.7 billion annually.  (this does not include the other 70% of non diabetic cases!)


Relief Can Be Yours!

An amazing device called The ReBuilder, has helped over 100,000 people just like you.  Proven 94% effective in relieving and even reversing neuropathy symptoms, regardless of the cause!

See below for details!





Statements made here about The ReBuilder, Nerve Renew, magnet therapy, ozone, and peripheral neuropathy treatments have not been reviewed by the FDA.
Statements peripheral neuropathy and other topics are for information only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.