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What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

The peripheral nerves relay information from your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to muscles and other organs and from your skin, joints, and other organs back to your brain. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when these nerves fail to function properly, resulting in pain, loss of sensation, or inability to control muscles.

In some cases, the failure of nerves that control blood vessels, intestines, and other organs results in abnormal blood pressure, digestion problems, and loss of other basic body processes. Peripheral neuropathy may involve damage to a single nerve or nerve group (mononeuropathy) or may affect multiple nerves (polyneuropathy).

There are numerous reasons for nerves to malfunction. In some cases, no direct cause can be pin pointed.  This is because most cases involve a combination of factors, each of which must be addressed carefully.  It has been well established, however, that all neuropathies involve the following conditions:

Poor circulation to nerves

Oxygen deprivation
Nutritional deficiencies

Although we know these are the "end stages" that lead to slow nerve degradation, we must actually see what is "causing the causes".  What is it in our daily lives that directly contributes to poor circulation and oxygen starvation?


Most Common Daily Causes

1) Dramatic changes in glucose and insulin in the blood (diabetes) that displace oxygen.
2) Side effects from drugs, such as those for cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis that change the metabolism of the nerves thus altering the way they use oxygen. (ex: Pravachol Amytriptyline)
3) Exposure to toxic compounds that makes oxygen unusable. Especially solvents (ex: benzene, 1 1 1-Trichloroethane, M.T.B.E, chlorine, etc.) and metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, cadnium, etc.)  other toxic compounds include, Nitrous oxide, glue, ammonia, some food dyes, fluoride!!!!!, etc..)
4) Inflammation in the lower back which reduces blood flow to the nerves in the spinal column.
5) Sciatic nerve entrapment (piriformis entrapment) caused from standing on concrete too much, sitting too long in one position putting pressure on the sciatic nerve or its blood supply, and aging, where muscles lose tone.
6) Nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin B-1, B-12, B-2, B-6, folic acid, and omega oils 3 & 6.
7) Excessive alcohol use.

8) Food Allergies. Specifically, the sweetener Aspartame.  This is very toxic to the body, including nerves and brain. As it metabolizes in the body, it transforms into Wood alcohol.    TERRIBLE FOR DIABETICS!!!!

9) Chemotherapy that affects cancer and other fast growing or functioning cells like hair and nerves.

10) Infectious or inflammatory conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, colorado tick fever, diphtheria Guillain-Barre syndrome, HIV, lyme disease, polyarteritis nodosa, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, syphilis, lupus, amyloidosis.

11) Repeated trauma such as frostbite, or accidents that change blood supply to the nerves.  This could even include fingertip trauma from long term typing!
12) Surgery complications which can lead to severe inflammatory conditions, excessive drug use.
13)  Old age.  Let's face it... our bodies wear out.  As circulatory function becomes less and less effective at delivering oxygen and nutrients, our peripheral nerves suffer.


Regardless of the cause, we have a solution.  See below for details. 



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Did You Know?

20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy!

30% of cases, the cause is diabetes!
60-70% of diabetics have some nervous system damage in the U.S.
The annual medical expenses for diabetic neuropathy symptoms in the U.S. are as high as $13.7 billion annually.  (this does not include the other 70% of non diabetic cases!)


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