The ReBuilder is  FDA Registered.

Note:  ReBuilder is FDA "Registered", not "Approved".  DRUGS get Approved, while equipment gets Registered.

The FDA registers medical devices under a 510K system. The ReBuilder carries two registrations: K844085 & K882980.

Medical Devices

510(k)s--Premarket Notifications (PMN)
Description: This database of releasable 510(k)s can be searched by 510(k) number, applicant, device name or FDA product code. Summaries of safety and effectiveness information is available via the web interface for more recent records.


Below is a screen shot of the FDA page that will comes up if your search is entered successfully. Notice that the name of the correspondent is the same; David B. Phillips, and the name of the original company is Micromed of Vermont which was subsequently merged into ReBuilder Medical Inc.



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Do you or a loved one suffer from peripheral neuropathy?

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Aggressive Neuro-stimulus:  The ReBuilder

This amazing device is the closest thing to a cure you can find. The ReBuilder’s patented electrical signal device has been proven 94% effective in clinical studies in reducing painful symptoms of neuropathy.

FDA Approved  ♦  Covered by Most Plans with a Prescription 

















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