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Solutions to peripheral neuropathy symptoms without pharmaceuticals. (11)




Peripheral neuropathy affects nearly 30 million Americans.  If you are visiting this site, chances are you or a loved one are suffering from the painful or other annoying affects from peripheral neuropathy.  Unfortunately, we and members of our own friends and family have also had to deal with this disturbing nerve disorder.  Fortunately, through years of trial and error we have been able to find safe holistic solutions to this problem, without having to rely upon peripheral neuropathy medications that are laden with side effects and do not work to address the underlying causes. 

Many of our clients have shared the same story, which is basically…  “My physician says there’s nothing that we can do except take these numbing medications for the rest of my life”.  The second thing we hear the most is that these medications are having real day-to-day physical side effects.  Things like ‘foggy brain’, headaches, upset stomach, blood pressure issues, diarrhea, overall body fatigue and numbness, just to name a few. (12) (13)


Satisfied Clients

Although results do of course vary from person to person, overall, the response our clients have is overwhelmingly positive.  You might not get back to 100% of yourself (some do), depending on the severity of your condition, but you can achieve significant reduction in symptoms and alleviate the needs for peripheral neuropathy medications that are expensive, full of side effects, and have a declining scale of efficacy… meaning that you eventually have to take more and more and more to achieve the same pain relieving result.

Here we’ll discuss more details about peripheral neuropathy, its causes and symptoms, and present to you some very exciting options to help fight this condition, without so-called ‘neuropathy medications’. Examples include: Advanced targeted electro-neuro stimulation, energy fields, heavy duty targeted nutrition, oxygen supplementation, and detoxification.

If you have any questions at all, we urge you to contact us.  We’re happy to discuss in detail any questions or concerns you may have.  We’ve helped 1000’s of sufferers and can help you to.


Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Works!


The ReBuilder


Nerve Renew


Magnet Therapy Kit


Block Magnets


The Vitalizer Plus


Ozone Generator

The ReBuilder

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Works!


Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

With peripheral neuropathy, sufferers report moderate to severe pain and/or a numbing and/or tingling sensations, especially in the feet and hands. As the condition worsens, very sharp shooting pains can become common. People with this painful condition often complain of lack of sleep due to discomfort. Mobility and balance can also become affected.


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