The ReBuilder

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Works!

The ReBuilder

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Works!

Over 150,000 people all over the world have had success with the ReBuilder.


"By the time most people reach this site they are feeling frustrated, discounted and a bit discouraged."

I felt that way when I searched for a solution to my father’s leg pain. It felt like we were getting “the bum’s rush” when we visited the doctor. The visits were rushed and short, and all we were offered was the advice to “live with it. It’s going to get worse over time. You’ll likely wind up in a wheelchair.”

He even told him that his nerves were dead. He was prescribed expensive prescription pain meds that caused his thinking to become fuzzy and made his feet go numb. Sleeping was becoming a problem. He began to avoid planning social events because he could not predict his balance and gait. He stayed at home, losing more and more of his precious mobility every day.”

If this has been anywhere near your experience, then you have come to the right place. We can help you. Please read every thing on this site, and then if you have any questions please call us so we can help you.

David B. Phillips, Ph.D.
– CEO and Inventor of the ReBuilder system.

Neuropathy is a growing problem.

Over 20,000,000 people suffer from one from or another of peripheral
neuropathy . So far, doctors have only had pain medications to offer their

Commonly Prescribed Drugs

Most people are offered prescription drugs such as those listed as a first line of treatment. But these drugs can have side effects, and rarely, if ever, improve how the victim feels in the long term. Unfortunately these drugs are primarily designed to reduce pain by reducing sensation. This loss of sensation can be perceived as numbness, loss of balance, etc.. If a healthy person were to take these drugs there is a high probability that they would eventually develop the numbness and tingling symptoms associated with neuropathy.

Neuropathy Mystery Solved

The simple explanation is, that at some time in your past, your peripheral nerves were
challenged and to protect themselves from additional damage, they became dormant.
The trouble is, once the initial cause was removed, your nerves were never awakened.

Think of it like this. When you were young you probably sat with your leg under your buttocks and your leg “fell asleep”. How did that feel? You experienced the same symptoms that you now have with neuropathy. Your leg tingled and then you began to feel numbness.

So what did Mother Nature have you do to correct this? You simply moved your leg (stopped the cause) and then stomped your foot on the ground and the feeling returned. Why did this stomping work? It was because you sent a much larger, but normal nerve impulse up your leg to the nerve roots of your lower back. That is exactly how the ReBuilder works.

The ReBuilder sends a much larger corrective signal to your feet, hands, and legs that travel up and down 7.83 times per second.

What is the ReBuilder?

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Works!

The ReBuilder is a very specialized form of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) that can produce dramatic improvement in the reduction of painful symptoms.

The ReBuilder is an electronic device used in the privacy of your own home.

The ReBuilder is fully registered by the FDA as a TENS and EMS class II medical device.

The ReBuilder is FDA cleared for: Relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, increasing local circulation, muscle re-education, immediate post surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis, maintaining or increasing range of motion, symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, post traumatic and post surgical pain.

The ReBuilder is a small, hand-held, battery powered nerve stimulator that sends a comfortable electronic impulse to your feet and legs.

The ReBuilder is effective for hands, knees, elbows, back, feet, and legs.

The ReBuilder is effective for any type of pain: neuropathy, carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatica, low back pain, CIDP, post polio syndrome, PAD, PVD, MS, MD, arthritis.

How Does the ReBuilder Work?

ReBuilder’s built-in microprocessor measures several physiological functions of your nerves and automatically adjusts itself to your specific therapeutic needs beginning with the first healing signal.

While sitting in your chair or in bed, this signal travels automatically from one foot, up the leg, across the nerve roots in the lower back, then down the other leg to the other foot .

These signals produce a gentle buzzing feeling. These tingling impulses then reverse direction and go from one foot all the way back to the other. In this way, all the nerves from the lumbar area down to your feet are treated.

When you first turn your ReBuilder on, it sets its output parameters for your physical mass by measuring the electrical analog and digital impedance of your body. It knows if it is treating a 125 lb woman or a 350 lb man. If you use the ReBuilder directly on your lower back, it knows that. You would obviously need a different amount of signal for variations like these. This is a unique safety feature of the ReBuilder. No other unit offers this level of safety.

The ReBuilder then sends out a "test" signal that represents the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. (Diagram # 1) This signal goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in your back, down the other leg, to the other foot.

Diagram 1

It then waits for an echo-like response from this initial signal. This phenomenon is similar to the patella reflex when your doctor hits just below your kneecap with a little rubber hammer and your leg kicks out.

When this initial signal reaches the other foot, an automatic response sends a signal back to the ReBuilder. (See the illustration of these signals going back and forth above.)

The ReBuilder analyzes this returned signal in a split second and analyzes for returning waveform for aberrations.

Diagram 2

Just as a cardiologist can take one look at the shape of the signal displayed on
the EKG monitor above the patient’s bed in the hospital and diagnose what is
wrong with the heart, we have been able to identify that the peripheral nerves
have a very particular shape to its waveform. Therefore we can diagnose the
nature of the problem from analyzing that waveform. This feature is built into
the ReBuilder and processed by its internal microprocessor.

Diagram 3

A common TENS signal uses an unnatural, uncontrolled, simple signal 90 to 100 times per second precisely to stop the nerve from operating. This may temporarily give some pain relief, but can cause more numbness, and can permanently damage the nerve cell possibly resulting in permanent paralysis.

In contrast, The ReBuilder is designed to analyze and counteract the disformed nerve pulse and retrain the nerves to fire properly again.  At the same time, it physically stimulates the nerves, which helps to shorten the gap between nerve cells (synapse), making it easier for the nerve impulses to move through the nerve channels.  This shortening of the gap also helps to draw the mineral-rich fluid (cerebrospinal fluid, or ‘CSF’) back into that gap, which enhances conductivity of the electrical current. While all this is happening, the EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) portion of the ReBuilder signal is drawing more blood flow to the area… improving circulation, and oxygen and nutrient delivery.

The ReBuilder is like a TENS on STEROIDS!

The ReBuilder vs. Standard TENS

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation. Simply put, this means that an electric signal is applied to the nerves across the surface of the skin. This definition is VAGUE and does not describe the signal being delivered! The ReBuilder is a unique, patented signal.

A “normal TENS device” typically delivers a square wave signal delivered at a high frequency to incapacitate the nerves, or to inhibit nerve function by over-stimulating them. Although some TENS devices are adjustable in terms of frequency or amplitude, once set, the outgoing signal would be the same for each user for the entire duration of treatment.

A standard TENS machine sends its signal from one electrode to another placed in close proximity, usually 6-8″ apart. This creates an electric analgesic effect; as it numbs the small treatment area. While this may offer some degree of temporary, localized pain relief, disrupting nerve function is no solution and usually exacerbates (or causes) numbness issues. These devices are factory set to deliver their coarse signals via 2×2 inch conductive electrodes and are not adjustable to the different impedance when different applications are used such as conductive garments, finger bowls, or water baths. Thus they can cause great harm. Repeated use of a standard TENS can cause permanent numbness.

The ReBuilder® also sends electrical signals to the nerves across the surface of the skin, and therefore by FDA definition is also a TENS, but it is a very specialized and vastly more precisely controlled version of nerve stimulation, unlike anything you have ever seen before. The ReBuilder’s intelligence incorporates 3 microprocessors to control its sophisticated biofeedback circuitry and at the same time, provides a muscle stimulus component to its output. This allows the ReBuilder to be used in a unique way and provides an altogether-different patient experience and treatment outcome. You see, it is not just that you stimulate the nerves, but more importantly, how you stimulate them.

What does it do differently?

The ReBuilder’s biofeedback circuitry allows its signal to be sent from foot to foot or fingertip to fingertip, effectively stimulating the entire nerve pathway from the tips of the toes or fingers to the base of the spine on both legs (or hands) simultaneously; a much greater area than standard TENS. This same biofeedback mechanism continuously modulates the outgoing waveform in accordance with your body’s response to the previous signal. This happens in real-time, 7.83 times per second. Not only will each user receive a custom-tailored impulse, but it will change as your body favorably responds to the healing impulses during the treatment time.

About 20% of the ReBuilder’s signal is EMS (Electrical Nerve Stimulator), which generates passive exercise of the skeletal muscles to increase circulation by way of the body’s venous blood pump mechanism. This also helps strengthen those muscles. A standard TENS machine does not stimulate muscles.

What is the difference between the 2407 Clinical model, and the 300 model?

The primary differences are power and portability. If you have moderate to advanced neuropathy, with severe numbness or pain, the 2407 model is your best choice. Or – if you suffer in 2 or more places. (Ex. feet /hands) If you have beginning or moderate neuropathy, or are hypersensitive to touch, then the 300 model is the better choice.

Both units have identical waveforms specifically designed to:

  • open nerve channels, rebuilding and re-educating them for fast symptomatic relief


  • and stimulate calf muscles to strengthen them, while increasing local blood circulation.

The 2407 model has 33% more power, and is used primarily for those patients who have moderate to advanced pain or numbness, and for those who suffer in multiple areas. (hands/feet)

The 2407 model has 3 frequency settings. One setting is the Patented ReBuilder signal for reading and stimulating and re-educating nerve pathways to eliminate pain and numbness. It has an EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) setting to increase circulation and strengthen leg muscles that have atrophied due to disuse and non firing. This helps with strength, balance and gait issues. The EMS setting also helps to increase local blood circulation to the legs and feet and can be used to interrupt severe muscle cramps in the back and calves.

The third settings is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) (Used only for short term localized trauma pain… not for neuropathy.) Large adjusting knobs and printing on the case make it easier to operate for those with vision problems, or who have arthritic hands.

The 300 Personal Model runs just one setting: the Patented ReBuilder signal for reading and stimulating and re-educating nerve pathways to eliminate pain and numbness. It is miniaturized, so that the patient can choose to wear the device on their belt to treat symptoms for longer periods of time, particularly to treat muscle spasms in the lower back. The 300 model is designed to be wearable, particularly for those whose neuropathy is caused primarily by lower back and sciatic nerve issues.

The ReBuilder is EASY to use. Each kit comes with easy instructions. There are 4 basic ways to apply the ReBuilder signal.

Method 1: Custom ReBuilder FOOT PAD Kit

“When the foot is applied flat to the electrode, the signal is received by all of the individual digits, while simultaneously stimulating the rest of the foot. Because the signal is dispersed over a large area, the signal intensity itself can be stronger when travelling from foot to foot, allowing for more effective treatment”.

Method 2: Wear the custom SOCKS or GLOVES

Provides stimulation evenly to the entire foot or hand. Silver Conductive garments are woven with a silver thread for maximum comfort and efficient signal delivery to the entire foot.

1 – wet the socks or gloves with water and Electrolyte
2 – plug the lead wires into the garments and put them on
3 – turn the device on, and then relax

Method 3: Use the split WATER FOOTBATH.

1 – add warm water to cover feet (2-4 inches)
2 – add 1/2 capful electrolyte to each side of the footbath
3 – drape the water proof signal pads into each side
4 – place your feet in the warm water bath
5 – turn your ReBuilder on and relax

Method 4: Use the self adhesive contact pads placed directly on the skin

1 – place the small self-adhesive signal pads on your skin
2 – turn the ReBuilder on
3 – sit back for your relaxing treatment.

Can be used on feet, hands, back, arms, and legs. Also used for the EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulator) setting on Model 2407.

You can use the 2407 to treat single or multiple areas simultaneously.

– feet & hands
– feet & back
– hands & back
– hands and knee, etc.

While you are trying your ReBuilder at home, you will not be alone. We have licensed medical professionals on staff that you can call Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6pm EST to help you with questions about the use of your ReBuilder. They can share with you tips, ideas and other resources that thousands of satisfied ReBuilder users have shared with us that might be helpful for you.

Safety Alerts!

There is only one true ReBuilder, and you should be careful not to accept any substitute.

A standard, off the shelf TENS is designed to be used with the electrodes placed about 4 to 6 inches apart. When the electrodes are placed one on each foot or hand, the amount of tissue between the electrodes is about 300 times greater, which means that the electrical resistance is 300 times greater. A regular TENS has to overcome this higher resistance, and can overload itself. Regular TENS do not have circuits to “blow a safety fuse” so they keep right on pumping out more and more current, and this can cause permanent, even fatal damage to your nerves. Regular TENS devices can be very dangerous if you try to use them like a ReBuilder. Always demand “Brand Specific: ReBuilder Model 300 or Model 2407.”

Note: Make certain that any garments you use with the ReBuilder have a permanent, sewn-in label indicating that it is the authentic ReBuilder Brand Specific Conductive Garment. Cheap imitations are likely manufactured in China, and besides having a lesser manufacturing quality relative to the sewing, we have found many samples to be contaminated with chemicals just like the contamination found in Chinese drywall and Chinese toys such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. When contaminated, the electrical impulses can cause a transdermal (across the skin) migration of lead, asbestos, cadmium, etc. into the skin of your feet and can cause permanent damage such as paralysis that cannot be reversed. You can cause permanent damage to the nerves in your feet or hands if you allow the use cheap imitation gloves or socks that do not display the sewn in ReBuilder label.

Our socks are manufactured here in the US by us, in ReBuilder’s own manufacturing facility. The material first undergoes a rigorous QC process, then washed, then special conductive minerals are infused into the material to standardize the conductivity and make the garments sustain repeated washings and to properly and safely carry the unique ReBuilder impulse to your nerves.

Always demand the original, Brand Specific, ReBuilder products.

Are there any other uses for my ReBuilder®?

Yes, your ReBuilder can be used to soothe aching muscles in your shoulders, sciatic nerve area of the buttocks, and upper back. Wherever you have discomfort, simply place the signal pads near the site. You you can even wear the ReBuilder 300 on your belt and continue your daily activities!

Books featuring the ReBuilder

The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments

“ReBuilder Medical, Inc, of Charles Town, WV offers a small, battery operated electrical device that promises to reduce or eliminate the pain. The ReBuilder sends healing, non-painful electrical signals to the extremities. Patients begin by using the device once per day for about 30 minutes. As symptoms subside, frequency of use can be decreased to two or three treatments per week.

Patients average a 96% reduction in pain. Even those who have been told ‘nothing else can be done, the nerves are dead’ may find relief using this device. David B. Phillips, Ph.D., inventor of the ReBuilder, is also the inventor of the GST Breast Cancer Detection system, and was given the Inventor of the Year Award in 1987 for his development of the infrared ear thermometer, a well-known household item.”

Beating Neuropathy Pain

Managing pain from peripheral neuropathy in private practice can be one of the most frustrating clinical experiences for Primary Care Physicians and Neurologists alike. Until now, most treatments have focused only on symptom control, largely by way of drugs, and blood sugar control in diabetic patients. Physical Therapy alone often provides little if any lasting relief. As you know, drug costs and patient compliance, as well as medication side effects have left us all wishing there were more as doctors that we could do for our patients. Well, now there is!

“These cases using the ReBuilder are nothing short of miraculous. Previously, treating patients with peripheral neuropathy pain hasn’t been really successful. Often, it’s been hit or miss. We’ve had some pretty good results in the past with nutrition therapy, but I’ve never seen the resolutions like we’re seeing in these cases… Dr John Hayes Jr, Author Beating Neuropathy Pain-Taking Misery to Miracles in Just 5 Weeks!

Treasury of Home Remedies & Natural Cures

“Thanks to the inventor Dr. David Phillips for the ReBuilder 300 Neuropathy Treatment System, a treatment that can help relieve pain, numbness and discoloration, and may actually restore the feeling in feet and hands, restore balance and mobility and reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication.”

“The ReBuilder is based on the fact that nerves are electrical in nature and respond to specific electrical stimulation that duplicates a healthy nerve signal.”

“The ReBuilder can be used in the comfort of your home. Each treatment takes a half hour, during which you can just sit back and relax. Throughout the session gentle massaging pulses work to totally eliminate or ease symptoms, and symptoms are reduced for hours afterward. Permanent benefits accumulate with continued use.”

Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy: The Mystery Unlocked

“Peripheral Neuropathy Pain: The Mystery Unlocked is an indispensable guide for regular people who just happen to suffer from a really nasty condition. But not for much longer! Thanks to Dr. Labrum’s new guide, relief is finally possible – in just six easy steps.”

Clinical Research

A Study of 532 Patients Indicating The Clinical Success of The ReBuilder for Neuropathy.

Of the 532 total respondents,

99.58% reported some level of pain reduction at some point during their treatments.
93.43% reported an overall level of relief at the conclusion of the treatments.
91% of respondents reported an improvement in their quality of life
Patients with pain (89%) reported an overall average 55% reduction in their pain score of 3.4+/-2.0 (p<0.0001).
0% (no one) reported any negative side effects.

“The ReBuilder is an effective, drug free, side effect free, primary treatment for neuropathy”

Cancer Treatment Centers of American letter about the ReBuilder Treatment System.

“I want to personally thank you for inventing and developing the ReBuilder System…”

“With these remarkable results (96% success rate) the ReBuilder System is now being used across all four CTCA sites…”

“We believe in your product’s ability to alleviate CIPN symptoms for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Patients have reduced or stopped taking pain medicine such as Gabapentin and Lyrica for CIPN.”

New Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy with Electronic Neuromuscular Stimulator

“Pain levels were reduced in all 6 patients. Original pain levels ranged form 5 to 10. The average reduction on the pain scale was three levels after a two-weeks and five levels by the end of the study. Four of the patients had trouble falling to sleep before the study and all noted improvement within two days of starting the neuromuscular stimulator.”

“No adverse reactions or allergies were reported.”

ReBuilder Effectiveness with 134 patients

“The ReBuilder TENS unit provides acceptable pain and neuropathy symptom relief for patients with VD, DM, Alcoholism and Chemotherapy agents and is very easy for patients to self-administer.”

Letters from Physicians

We have used the ReBuilder for the past 6 months on cases of peripheral neuropathy where symptoms of numbness and/or burning pain were reported. Over 80% of these patients reported significant reduction of these symptoms after just 3 weeks, or 9 sessions, and currently 5 patients have obtained or in the process of obtaining their own home units. I suggest it be considered for treatment of balance-challenged patients when proprioceptive deficits may be attributed to loss of foot sensation. In these cases, we have found improved gait and performance on the CTSIB tests suggesting improved somatosensory function.

Paul J. Tryninewski, director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Altoona Regional Health System

“What is unusual about the ReBuilder™ is that a referring physician, a family practice MD in our community, called me to follow up and report the success of a patient we had both seen who had presented with severe neuropathy, primarily pain and tingling in his feet and with concurrent difficulty sleeping. After unsuccessful treatments with Cymbalta, Lyrica and Neurontin, the patient was referred to me. I performed a nerve conduction velocity exam and found that there was a significant delay in the transmission of nerve signals in both of his legs. After exhaustive blood work I could find no reason for his symptoms and since he had already tried drug therapy with no resolution of his symptoms I referred him back to his GP.

My friend reported that our patient had found a new device on the internet, bought it, used it, and now was asymptomatic after two months without drugs. I was cautiously intrigued, and requested that he return for a follow up so I could test him again to see if there was any objective, measurable, improvement. To my surprise and delight, I found that his NCV test was now normal. I requested full documentation from ReBuilder Medical and read with interest their monograph from the inventor, David B. Phillips, and found it to be highly accurate, educational, and taxing to read because of its intensive technical nature. However, it explained a new concept that makes total sense.

I now prescribe the ReBuilder™ routinely. Of the 20 patients in my practice who have used the ReBuilder™, all but one have experienced significant relief. Six patients were diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy, 7 were diagnosed with impingement syndrome in the lower back or buttocks, and 6 suffered from diabetes. The one who did not respond suffers from long term uncontrolled diabetes and has the “stocking feet” dark discoloration of his ankles and feet and has periodic glucose levels exceeding 500, with an A1c of 13.

I urge all medical professionals who see patients with neuropathic symptoms to prescribe the ReBuilder™ as the preferred treatment before they have to resort to prescription drugs.”

B.D.Cowan, MD

From happy ReBuilder users:

“The ReBuilder™ is doing what the doctor said he couldn’t. I am walking again and doing other things without medicine. Thank you for your wonderful product.” A.K. in AR 01/12/06

“I have type-2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Have only had ReBuilder™ for a bit more than a month and already there is a physical improvement, remarkably less pain, and even a visible improvement. After using the system for about a week, I noticed the rash-like patches on my leg seemed to have faded so I took a digital photo. It is lighter yet and soon I’ll take another digital photo and send them to ReBuilder™. Thanks for the great product.” – C.N. internet 01/04/06

“Reduced pain and tingling in hands and feet almost immediately.” – D.G. in TN 01/04/06

“Dr. Phillips, THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy life without almost constant pain. I have now owned and used the ReBuilder for a little over 4 weeks and the results have been wonderful. After just a few days, I began to notice a big difference in the way my legs felt. I started sleeping better and was able to walk better. I went back to my specialist that treats me for my pain last week. He said that I was walking much better and seemed greatly improved over all in my legs. I plan on telling anyone that I find out has pain about the ReBuilder. Please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.” Dale F


If you have a pacemaker with a defibrillator, then NO, you should not use it. There is really no problem with signal interference, but sometimes a patient will get nervous or excited and the adrenalin release can cause the heart to change rhythms and trigger the defibrillator. No real damage is done, but that can be a real surprise! We recommend that if you have any pacemaker or other implanted device, you should talk to your doctor and perhaps have him/her call us to discuss your situation. Hundreds of patients have done just that and are using their ReBuilder successfully.

The other event that you should not use the ReBuilder is when you have confirmed the existence of blood clots in your lower legs. The chances are very slight, but it is possible that the increase in circulation could dislodge the clot. If you are on blood thinners, this risk is minimized even further. It is considered safe, but you can have your doctor contact us to speak to a medical professional. (Ironically, these same blood thinners can cause and/or aggravate your peripheral neuropathy.)

It really depends on how much pain or numbness you have and how much it is impacting on your quality of life. Most medical advances like the ReBuilder take 5 to 7 years before they become mainstream. When ReBuilder Medical developed the infrared ear thermometer in 1985 it took 8 years before hospitals and doctors abandoned their dangerous mercury leaking glass thermometers. Now almost every hospital in the world uses our technology. The PAP smear was considered quackery for 11 years. That being said, more and more doctors and clinics are now using and prescribing the ReBuilder for their patients. We add more and more clinics and pysycians to our list of treatment centers every day. Your choice is then: either to wait and experience the normal progression of the disease, take the strong drugs that can make matters worse, or make an informed, intuitive decision and try the ReBuilder. (Money Back Guaranteed)

ReBuilder treatments IN A CLINIC are routinely covered by most insurance companies under the codes used for electrical stimulation. Your physician bills your provider directly.

For HOME USE, policies vary. If your physician prescribes a ReBuilder for you, he will write a prescription, submit a medical necessity form, and most independent, commercial insurance companies will reimburse you according to the terms of your policy… usually 80-90%.

Blue cross varies from state to state. In most cases Blue Cross will reimburse you for ReBuilder purchase. However, in some cases, Blue Cross will not reimburse in a single payment, but will pay the physician or Durable Medical Equipment company for a monthly rental for 14 months, and thereafter title to the equipment passes to you. This ‘capped rental’ program can prove very administratively time consuming so most physicians try to avoid this method.

So far, Illinois’ Blue Cross plan is the only Blue Cross provider that has denied coverage for the ReBuilder.

The ReBuilder is considered a “TENS” device to Blue Cross and private insurers. You should call your insurance provider for details for your own personal policy.   For more detail, print this file.

Unfortunately, Medicare is currently unavailable for coverage.  Model 300 has been partially covered in the past, however newer Medicare regulations have restricted access to this wonderful product.

The ReBuilder feels good. The signal feels like a tiny tingle that pulses on and off. Many people describe it as feeling like an “internal massage”. if you turn the unit up, your calf muscles will twitch every time the little indicator light on the ReBuilder lights up. If you use the EMS setting to strengthen your muscles, you will feel a stronger contraction that lasts 6 seconds and then rests your legs for 6 seconds. You can manually adjust the intensity setting for maximum comfort.

As for the ReBuilder itself, the ReBuilder has an indicator light on its face that lights up every time a signal is sent. This will tell you if the unit is generating a pulse. To test the wires that lead to the signal pads, you can hold one signal pad in each hand (or get another person who has a healthy nervous system to hold it in their hands) and slowly increase the intensity setting until you can feel it. You can wet the pads to increase the conductivity if necessary.

As for whether your ReBuilder is working to reduce your symptoms, this can be a subjective based on your particular set of symptoms. Usually, during the actual 30 minute treatment session, the sensation of pain will be totally gone, and then you will experience a significant reduction in pain for 2 to 4 hours. Then, this benefit should gradually increase in effectiveness and length of time with each successive treatment. For numbness and tingling, your feet will feel warm and more flexible immediately after a treatment, and for 2 to 4 hours after, but it may take 2-6 months for lasting, more permanent relief. This is because not only do the peripheral nerves need time to regenerate, but the brain must then re-connect with these now healthy nerves and re-learn to interpret the new incoming signals. If you are taking any pain medications, then your results may take longer, until you are able to reduce your prescriptions with the help of your physician. Neuropathy medications work by suppressing the nerve signals, and can actually make your neuropathy worse over time.

You should avoid using the ReBuilder with the footbath until the skin closes over and begins to heal. In the meantime, you can use your ReBuilder with the direct skin method avoiding the area near the open wound. Then, once the wound begins to heal, you can accelerate the healing by going back to the footbath method.

Yes, it is safe for children above the age of 5 under the direct supervision of a parent or physician. Many children will like the feeling so much that they will want to play with it. The only side effect is tired muscles if overused.

Answer: Yes, the average age of our patients is 50 and over. The ReBuilder is designed with large adjusting knobs for arthritic hands, and a large typeface for those with vision challenges. It is powered by a common 9 volt battery, and even if used with the wall adapter, there is safety circuitry built in so that even if it is dropped into the water bath, it poses no danger. The ReBuilder automatically shuts off.

The ReBuilder carries a 5 year against workmanship. If you have a problem, you can return it and we will repair it or replace it at our option and return it to you and we will pay the return shipping charge. ReBuilders built in 1988 are still working perfectly.

Yes, The ReBuilder carries a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.  See here for details.

It is fully REGISTERED with the FDA.   (The FDA only “approves” pharmaceuticals.)  It is registered under the 510K basis as both a TENS and an EMS, (the only two categories that the FDA offers). The ReBuilder is fully covered by product liability insurance and has not had any claim in years. There have been no complaints or investigations registered by the FDA in 18 years.

If click the link below you will notice that the name of the correspondent is David B. Phillips and the name of the original company is Micromed of Vermont, which was subsequently merged into ReBuilder Medical Inc.

YES. As of this year, The ReBuilder is now only available for purchase with a PRESCRIPTION.  Even if you cannot (or do not want to) file an insurance claim, a Rx is still required before product would ship.  Please read and print the PDF file below and contact us with ANY questions. If you don’t have a physician to call, we may be able to locate one near you who is familiar with the ReBuilder. This product is worth the effort!

For more details, print this file

Stories From Users

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When I received my ReBuilder I was ecstatic. I tried it for the first three days and I started to feel a difference. After the past few weeks the bottom of my feet almost feel like normal. They used to feel like thick leather with hardly any feeling. They were numb and felt dead. My hands: I had pain in my hands. My finger tips were so painful I could not button my buttons on my uniform shirt. I had to ask my husband to do it. The rest of my hands had pain and were stiff. I could not type like normal it was too painful. I had to use one finger at a time for a very short period. I am amazed that in this short time it has done so much for me. Please tell the manufacturers THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. The device has saved my sanity, my job, and is making me feel almost normal again.
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Dr. Phillips: Whenever I read these articles that deal with incontinence, I am frustrated that they don't seem to make the connection between diabetes / neuropathy / loss of muscle strength, which I've learned are very much connected. As I treated my feet with the ReBuilder pads and the gel tonight, I reread the little page that came with my 2401 unit several years ago, and am reminded that I could also use this on my back muscles with the TENS setting, for the pain I get from food sensitivities. Please use my testimonial for anyone you need to convince about the effectiveness of this ReBuilder Medical unit. I would not want to be without it. My feet would certainly be in lots worse condition; as it is my podiatrist tells me my feet look very well. Thank you.
Sarah R
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My husband and I were given the ReBuilder by a friend who used it for her husband and they no longer needed it. John contracted lyme's disease which caused neuropathy in his left leg and also atrophy in his left thigh and calf. John started using the ReBuilder twice a day in September of 2007 and just last week, Feb. 2008 his measurements in his left leg equalled his measurements of his right leg. Another thing that he has noticed is that he is not falling/tripping over little rocks, walking from tile to carpet and one of the biggest changes is that he can now walk with care backwards. Before he would have fallen if he even tried. Besides using the ReBuilder, John does excercise in a pool two to three times per week. I used the ReBuilder on myself and I was amazed at how my legs felt the next day. I tend to have tired legs by being on them so much and it suprised me how well they felt the next day. Thanks for all the help the staff has given to us on this interesting journey.
Bob D
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I am a relatively active and healthy 79 year old male and have been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy pain for the last 15 years or so -- I have a pacemaker and upon receiving my ReBuilder Model 2407, scheduled a visit with my cardiologist’s office to have it checked out by the pacemaker technician. NO PROBLEM! I have been using the ReBuilder twice a day for two months and have noticed the following: Improved balance; able to, without pain, put on all my shoes other then a loose pair of old broken down Rockports; I am now walking Ľ - ľ mile without rest or pain; also put on my ballroom dance shoes – first time in 5 years - did a small amount of dancing; over all less NEUROPATHY numbness and pain; feeling much better about myself; it has changed my overall depression moods to a more positive outlook and I look forward to continuing my improvements using my ReBuilder. Many thanks for your invention……it will help many suffering with Neuropathic Pain.
Jill B.
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My husband's neuropathy is MUCH improved since he began using the ReBuilder 2 1/2 months ago. He uses it faithfully twice a day and is thrilled with the difference it has made!
A.K. in AR
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The ReBuilder™ is doing what the doctor said he couldn't. I am walking again and doing other things without medicine. Thank you for your wonderful product.
C.N. internet
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I have type-2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Have only had ReBuilder™ for a bit more than a month and already there is a physical improvement, remarkably less pain, and even a visible improvement. After using the system for about a week, I noticed the rash-like patches on my leg seemed to have faded so I took a digital photo. It is lighter yet and soon I'll take another digital photo and send them to ReBuilder™. Thanks for the great product.
C.N. internet
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I have type-2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Have only had ReBuilder™ for a bit more than a month and already there is a physical improvement, remarkably less pain, and even a visible improvement. After using the system for about a week, I noticed the rash-like patches on my leg seemed to have faded so I took a digital photo. It is lighter yet and soon I'll take another digital photo and send them to ReBuilder™. Thanks for the great product.
D.G. in TN
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Reduced pain and tingling in hands and feet almost immediately.
W.S. in AK
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I have only been on it for a month. My feet feel warmer and the color is in my feet is returning.
J.S. in TX
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This machine to me is a miracle. the best $400 I ever spent. i now have no fear of walking.
R.P. in CO
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Has reduced the heavy pain in my foot and toes.
P.D. in GA
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Legs feel somewhat stronger and feet fell warmer for longer periods of time
G.T. in NY
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Legs and feet vitalized and exercised after using the ReBuilder™. No longer have 'tightness pain' when lying down at bed time.
B.M. in NJ
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Less numbness and more awareness of foot sensations.
B.M. in NJ
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Less numbness and more awareness of foot sensations.
D.F. in CA
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I received some restored feeling in my feet. The instance of stabbing pain in my feet has been greatly lessened.
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Reduced knee and feet pain and helped with my neuropathy pain!
A.T. in GA
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Can walk better and legs don't swell as much.
J.M. in PA
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My son has RSD. His feet were not only swollen but purple in color. I had to put patches on his spine because of the pain. The spine area was also discolored. It was unbelievable. He couldn't even walk right. Now his feet are almost normal in color. Before he couldn't even put slippers on, now he can walk and put shoes on. It's almost a miracle the way it works. I hope it doesn't stop working on him. He doesn't wake up crying every morning now (41 years old). He uses it two times a day and we have cut the drugs down considerably
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My legs (especially my left leg) that have been hurting since 1995 with an extremely painful neuropathy, were tingling and felt as though the nerves themselves were 'opening' up. The sensation was traveling up the leg into the lower back, and I am extremely happy to have this unit... thanks to you.
K.W. in Granbury, TX
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After one week I saw blood vessels on the tops of my feet which I hadn't seen in several years. After two weeks, the heaviness in my legs was gone.
R.R. in Cumming, GA
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There was a noticeable improvement in the numbness in my feet and legs from the onset of treatment.


Please know, as of this year The ReBuilder is now only available for purchase with a PRESCRIPTION.

Even if you cannot (or do not want to) file an insurance claim, a Rx is still required before product would ship.  Please read the PDF file below and contact us with ANY questions. If you don’t have a physician to call, we may be able to locate one near you who is familiar with the ReBuilder. This product is worth the effort!


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