The ReBuilder Foot Pad System

The ReBuilder Foot Pad System

By using a conductive electrode which covers the entire plantar surface of the foot, the ReBuilder signal can be delivered with the utmost effectiveness. When the foot is applied flat to the electrode, the signal is received by all of the individual digits, while simultaneously stimulating the rest of the foot. Because the signal is dispersed over a large area, the signal intensity itself can be stronger when travelling from foot to foot, allowing for more effective treatment. Think of the comparison like walking on snow with or without snowshoesLarge surface area dispersion is much better than concentration into smaller contact patches.

These ReBuilder Foot Pads are easy and convenient to use.

For MAXIMUM conductivity and efficiency, apply a little water along with ReBuilder’s specially formulated Electrolyte Solution.   To ready the Foot Pads for use, simply spray about 5 pumps of water, followed by 5-6 pumps of the Electrolyte Solution

Just set the electrodes down on the floor and rest your feet on them. There is no wear and tear since you just rest your foot on top, giving them a very long, effective lifespan. They have a non-skid rubber backing to prevent any moisture on your floors. Care and cleaning is very easy. They can be stored flat or rolled up and secured with a small Velcro strap, to be stowed away in your ReBuilder carry case.

The ReBuilder Foot Pads are perfect for home or travel; practical yet effective.

“… so easy to use!” says C.R. in California

Superior Treatment Adaptability

ReBuilder Foot Pads can be used in other ways:

If you have significant issues focused in the toe area, rest only the front portion of the foot on the electrode, slightly elevating the leg with a pillow behind the knee will lift the heel above the conductive surface.

For hand treatment, place both hands flat on the electrodes while they rest on the table, or your lap.

For hand treatment where the fingers are more affected, place the electrodes on your lap, resting just the tips of the fingers on the electrodes while the arm is supported by the armrest of a chair.

For relief of painful carpal tunnel syndrome, place one electrode under the fingertips and the other under the forearm.

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?! ” asks D.G. in New York

Care and Cleaning

These ReBuilder Foot Pads are made from similar materials to the annular electrode straps for joint pain and the conductive garment socks or gloves. They can be hand washed in warm water and mild detergent (not Woolite) and hung to dry, or stood on their side in a dish rack. Do not machine wash or dry.

These ReBuilder Foot Pads are designed to match the specific electrical parameters of the ReBuilder system, with all the quality and workmanship you have come to expect from ReBuilder brand products. They are covered by a 90 day warranty against defects. The electrodes come complete with electrolyte to enhance conductivity, and a leadwire ready to attach to your ReBuilder 300, 2406 or 2407.  This is a custom product, designed and tested by our engineering staff to work specifically with the ReBuilder system, and to provide long term worry-free service.

At only $199 for the complete kit, they are a great value, with more diverse application methods. You will absolutely love the convenience of the new ReBuilder Foot Pads. We know that if we make using your ReBuilder easy, you are sure to do it, and that will bring excellent treatment outcomes.

This is the only method I will ever use, from now on.” exclaims M.B. in Texas

Do you or a loved one suffer from peripheral neuropathy?

The road to recovery STARTS with the ReBuilder™!

The ReBuilder’s patented electrical signal has been proven 94% effective in clinical studies in reducing or eliminating symptoms of neuropathy.

FDA Registered Money Back Guarantee 5 Year Warranty


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